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Engineers licensed to practice Professional Engineering (PE) in Puerto Rico (PR) should know there is reciprocity between PR, Florida (FL), and many other states in the USA. Those engineers from the island, whom have applied for licensure in FL, have not had any problems- as long as they have graduated from a university deemed “accredited” by the Florida Board of Professional Engineer (FBPE). The process of obtaining the required documents from PR may take several months. We advise, you start the process 1 year in advance- unless you plan to do it in person.

You should verify that you meet the requirements of Florida Administrative Code 61G15-20.0015 before you apply for Licensure by Endorsement. This may be found at the FBPE portal.

The FBPE will need information about the university the candidate attended plus a copy of the candidate’s Professional Engineering record kept by the Puerto Rico Examining Board. The FBPE will request confirmation of this information in writing from the Puerto Rico Examining Board and will request a copy of the college transcript from the university. It takes a long time to get the information from the Puerto Rico Examining Board.

The required forms are available at the FBPE portal at

The process is as follows:

  1. Go to the FBPE portal
  2. Click “Licensure”
  3. Click “Application Process”
  4. Click “Endorsement”
  5. On this page, select the type of Endorsement that applies if you have (or have not) a record with the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) recommended, or if you are applying for a temporary 3-month license.
  6. The process and the forms are available in
    1. MS Word Format
    2. PDF Format
  7. Complete the application and include all of the documents requested by the FBPE. Include payment and the answer sheet to the Study Guide.
  8. Send all documents to:
    2639 N. MONROE STREET, SUITE B-112
    Tel. (850) 521-0500
    Fax. (850) 521-0521

    Once you obtain your license, you must continue to meet the requirements to keep you license active in FL and renew it every very two years. Our Chapter in Florida offers the continuing education training necessary to keep your license active.

    Eight (8) Professional Development Hours of board-approved continuing education are required. Four (4) hours must be Laws & Rules of Chapter 471 and Florida Administrative Code 61G15, and four (4) hours of Areas of Practice.