License Renewal Process Survey

Dear Member of the CIAPR Chapter Abroad: 

We wish that you and your families are well in the face of the prevailing emergency related to COVID-19. We trust that in unity we will prevail.  Our Chapter, in addition to applying the recommendations regarding public activities, continues to work on issues of interest to our membership. One of these issues is the swiftness of the renewal process of professional licenses for engineers and surveyors in Puerto Rico and the time the license is in force after it is granted / renewed.  We have received messages from some of you expressing frustration with the renewal process and the length of the corresponding licenses for those based abroad. Therefore, we decided to study how the process is being applied to the members of our chapter. For this purpose, we have prepared a survey to evaluate these concerns and to find out if corrective actions are necessary.  Find enclosed the questionnaire for the reference survey. With this survey we want to obtain information about your experiences renewing your license. For your information, we are also enclosing a letter from the President of the Examining Board regarding the renewal process and duration of the license.

We will present the results of the Survey to the PR Examining Board in collaboration with CIAPR.  We appreciate you complete the Questionnaire before April 30, 2020.



Carlos E. Maeda



Take the survey here:

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