President’s Message

Randy Ortega, PS

Dear Colegiados and Colleagues,

During this atypical year, we have been forced to take our directive board meetings and the offering of our seminars and services as a Chapter to a digital platform. Social media, emails, and remote digital platforms have been and are going to continue being a vital tool to keep the recommended physical distance to keep us healthy, and at the same time not to have our plans interrupted. CIAPR has done a remarkable job to increase the amount of seminar remotely, most of them being free of charge. In a similar way, the Exterior Chapter will be coordinating for our seminars to be offered remotely, even when the time comes when we can hold in person meetings, we intend to keep the offer of remote seminars and meetings which have been effective, especially with the geographic area of our Chapter. We keep encouraging our members to participate and benefit from the Continued Education seminars being offered at the CIAPR. The offering of Continued Education seminars at the lowest cost is the biggest responsibility we have, and the most tangible measure of value of our membership. In these times, the mission of our directive board is that our members appreciate the value of our membership.

In this year 2020, our chapter awarded our first scholarship Eng. Daniel Montalvo Rodriguez, and since, we are committed to awarding this scholarship to students in land surveying or any of the engineering disciplines. This year we will host different events as fundraisers, like seminars, social activities, among others for the scholarship fund.

I present to you our work plan for this upcoming year:

  1. Increase in Seminars offering. Our Chapter typically offers between 15-20 hours of Continued Education each year. The goal of our board is to increase our offering to at least 25 credits with a variety in our offering so engineers and surveyors would benefit from them. The seminars will be offered via a remote platform, until the time comes for in person meetings, where we will transition into a hybrid form to transmit online the live seminars with in-person attendance.

  2. To resolve the requirements for professional license renewal for non-residents of Puerto Rico. In April 2020, the Exterior Chapter conducted a survey where our members let us know how they felt about the professional license renewal process. This year we will be analyzing the results of the survey, going through all the comments, quantifying, and referring the comments to the correct entities.

  3. Improve communication with our members. Our intent is to keep our members informed of all of the institution and chapter’s activities, seminars, and events; also of the incidents that affect our profession and community. The tools we currently have are our social media in Facebook and LinkedIn, our email database via MailChimp, and our biggest project is to update our webpage.

  4. Development of future professionals and leaders of our Chapter. To keep a healthy profession, it is our responsibility to reach out to the younger generations to pursue careers in engineering and land surveying. The Chapter’s scholarship has that mission, to encourage the academic continuance of our professions. Strengthen our scholarship fund, while we reach out and create bonds with the academy encourages the growing of future professionals and a better practice. The next step would be to show those future professionals the value of our membership, and the benefit of participating on associations like ours. The character example our young leaders’ portrait is the best means, so we must develop young leaders within our chapter.

  5. Celebration of our 20th Anniversary. Our Chapter celebrates 20 years since foundation in this 2021, our objective is to have a memorable celebration, while hoping for presential activities be possible. The social activities of our chapter are very important because many of our members, especially younger ones, do not have their families in the mainland and the Exterior Chapter provides for colleagues with similar cultural background and same roots, and makes them like part of the family.

The College of Engineers and Land Surveyors of Puerto Rico faces a hard situation, a lawsuit questioning the constitutionality of the compulsory affiliation of Law 173. This article of the Law allows the CIAPR to operate at the magnitude we do, and to have the impact we have in the Puerto Rican community. At the same time, we are giving a breath to the governmental labor and an economic relief to the Puerto Rican people, because it leaves in the hands of the professionals the development, defense, and regulation of the profession for the benefit of the citizens. This immense labor the CIAPR has been making it exceptionally since it’s creation in 1938. That is why we defend and prefer to keep this important function of overseeing for the better practice of our professions in our hands, the institution that is the CIAPR. One of the finest and most transparent institutions in Puerto Rico, that has been for the last 83 years. We are hoping that our work will not be affected.

I am hoping to see you all in our events throughout this year, remotely and in person. To communicate with our Directive Board, you can email us at


Randy Ortega, PS

President 2020-2021

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